About me

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Anastasia and this is my little spot in the world to share my creations and adventures with others.

I grew up in New England and would consider myself an old soul. I love all things white, warm, and vintage. As a child I loved to bake with my mom and grandma, make crafts, sew, and read, sometimes for many hours a day. Not much has changed except for the reading hours a day part. I still do read every day, starting with my Bible every morning and ending with a classic book or theological title in the evening.

My husband Silas and I have been married for a blessed 11 years, and have had many adventures together, living in many different states in New England and also in Florida! He is wonderful, humble man and I am so thankful for his support, friendship, and love all these years.

Together we have 3 precious children, two boys and a girl. Our kiddos are super smart like their daddy and love to create and have adventures like me. Between the kids and me, the house is usually in some sort of (creative, delicious!) mess. Oh, and they also love to read. They didn’t have a choice.

We trust in Christ our Savior in all the large and small aspects of our life and strive to glorify and enjoy God in all things. We need never fear the changes or seeming instability of this life for we know that God our Father is in control. Our God is good and he does all things well. Please check out the Beliefs tab in the menu for further reading.

I love to find the beauty in every part of my day and try to be intentional about making everyday feel special. Sometimes just a few moments of cuddling (and reading!) here, or a special cup of tea there can give such a boost and warmth to the soul. I would love to share what I am learning with you and hope that I can inspire and encourage you today!

Maine 2020

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