garden tomato and cucumber salad

Are you looking for a simple way to use up your abundance of garden tomatoes? Or maybe you have so many cucumbers you just don’t know what to do? This fresh, lemony combination might be what you are looking for. This recipe is one that my in-laws have made for us many times over and is inspired my mother-in-loves Lebanese background. The perky tang of the tomatoes and lemon juice work well with the bite from the garlic and the smooth cucumbers  and olive oil. We recently made this recipe along side grilled chicken for guests and then again for our family dinner as a side with hamburgers. Both times it was a a huge hit! 

In our late summer garden harvest, we have an abundance of orange cherry tomatoes and so that it what I used in the salad. Any tomatoes or cucumbers will do, but firm is better than too soft. My mom planted English cukes this year and we. just. have. so. many. My kids like to eat them plain, sliced up and sprinkled with salt. But they were great in this recipe.

First, I peeled the cukes and then sliced into bite size pieces. I cut 1/2” slices and then quartered the slices. This was about 3 cups. Next, I sliced the cherry tomatoes in half. I had about 2 cups. I feel like it’s better to have a bit more cukes than tomatoes just because the tomatoes are so acidic. Put the veggies into a serving bowl.

This was a BIG lemon!

Next, let’s make the dressing. This dressing is so easy and simple and has so many possibilities. First, take 1 t. Minced garlic and crush it with the back of a spoon in your bowl. Fresh garlic is best, BUT jarred (fresh, not dried) garlic works as well. You can add more garlic if you really like it and you’re not going to church or prom or something. Or if you’re my in-laws. 😉

Next, squeeze half of a large, juicy lemon. You want about 4-5 T of juice. Start with less, you can always add more. Fresh lemons are the bomb. Add to this 2-3 T of your choice of olive oil, 1 t. Salt or to taste. Shake the dressing in a mason jar or whisk in a bowl.

Pour over veggies and gently mix Grind some fresh black pepper over the top….and enjoy! Best served fresh, room temperature. This salad doesn’t keep great, but might last until the next day, if it hasn’t been gobbled up!

Isn’t it sooo pretty? Its tasty too! I’m sure you will love it as much as our family does.

Here is a picture our hamburger meal. This was our first time trying the Impossible Burger. It was pretty good. The hubby and kids said they couldn’t tell the difference, and that’s saying something. It was okay. It was actually better than I expected. But, the salad was the best part of the meal for sure.


2 C. Chopped Tomatoes

2-3 C. Chopped Cucumber

1 t. sea salt

1 t. fresh garlic, diced fine

4-5 T. fresh lemon juice

2-3 T. olive oil

fresh ground pepper

Variations: Try adding chopped fresh herbs. I have used chives, basil and mint. But not all at the same time. Be creative! This dressing is also excellent as a marinade or served on other salads/veggie combinations. 

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