Easy Grilled Bacon

Ahhh……bacon. It’s good with breakfast, on salad, on pizza, on sandwiches, and the list goes on! You can make it on the stove, in the oven, in the microwave or on the grill. Our favorite way is on the grill because it keeps the mess and smell outside and makes for an easy cleanup. And it tastes amazing. Perfectly crispy. Convinced yet? Let’s get grilling!

First, heat your grill to a medium-low heat. Around 350 degrees. Next, line a cookie sheet with heavy-weight tinfoil.

Place your bacon on the tinfoil, close together but not overlapping. They will quickly shrink during the cooking process.

Put the cookie sheet on the grill. We did two sheets at a time and were able to fit them on the grill side by side.

Close the grill lid and cook for 8-10 and then, using tongs, flips the pieces of bacon over to cook on the other side. The bacon will still look pretty raw at this point. Depending on the thickness of you bacon (thickcut will take longer), cook the bacon for another 7-12 minutes or until desired doneness is achieved. The bacon may still look a little soft but if it is starting to brown it is probably done. It will get crisper as it cools and the fat drains off.

Prepare a plate or try covered with several lavers of paper towel. With clean tongs or a fork, remove the cooked bacon and place on the paper toweled plate. Let the bacon cool for a couple of minutes and……..ENJOY!

My baby boy grilling like a pro. (Don’t worry, I was helping him). He’s getting to be quite the chef. And he LOVES bacon. My kids would eat bacon at every meal if I let them 🙂

This is the bacon we used, but any bacon will do.

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